Ralph with messages from the Queen. Governor General and PM.

A tribute to Ralph Butcher OAM on his achieving 100 years of age.
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Ralph Butcher, his daughters, Susan and Jenny and their husbands were guests of honour at our Annual Candlelight Dinner. 116 members and their wives and partners attended this special occasion.
The highlight of the evening was a “chat” between President Roger Wilson and Ralph which was both emotional and amusing. There was a slide show of Ralph’s life, decorations, prizes and of course a magnificent cake. Noel Ineson amused us with some of his jokes as well.
Ralph’s favourite music – Vera Lynn, added a touch of nostalgia and to finish the evening we all lustily joined in singing “We’ll meet again” We all felt it was a privilege to be present at this wonderful occasion.

See photos of our Candlelight Dinner 

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On this page marking Ralph’s 100th Birthday:

Four videos for you to view.:

  • The Chat between Ralph and President Roger Wilson, the highlight of our 2018 Candlelight Dinner
  • A video prepared in 2017 for Ralph called  Ralph Butcher Moments
  • Ralph’s wonderful 10 Minute talk to Beaumaris Probus in 2016
  • The video slide show of Ralph’s life (shown at the dinner)

Also on this page:

  • Photos of Ralph’s letter from the Queen, Governor general and Prime Minister

Video of Ralph’s Chat with President Roger Wilson 28 June 2018 –  (Thank you Paul Crompton)


Video – Ralph Butcher Moments – 2017

Video – Slide show of Ralph’s photos – Shown at our Candlelight Dinner

Video – Ralph’s War – His 10 Minute talk to Beaumaris Probus 2016

Click here   This link takes you to our Speakers Page – scroll down until you get to Ralph’s War
Ralph was a mere lad of 97 when he did his wonderful 10 Minute talk.


Ralph’s Letters of congratulations from The Queen, Governor General and Prime Minister