There’s lots happening every month at Beaumaris Probus
Beaumaris Probus meets on 3rd Tuesday each month at the Black Rock Yacht Club

We are an active and friendly club formed in 1987, with some 120 members. We are a men’s club, but apart from the monthly meeting, wives, partners and friends are an integral part of our social events.

Our members come from a great variety of backgrounds – professional, business and technical – and our wide-ranging activities mean there is something of interest for all. Nothing is compulsory and you’ll find we are non political, non sectarian and non fund-raising. We meet to expand our interests and to enjoy the company of others.

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How to contact Beaumaris Probus

Membership Officer: Roger Wilson. Phone 0418 395 946 – email:
Secretary -Leon Laragy: Phone 0410 327 587 – email:
Mail: PO Box 57, Black Rock 3193 

A typical month at Beaumaris Probus

The monthly meeting

Every 3rd Tuesday (except in December) at the Beaumaris Probus meets at the Black Rock Yacht Club. The meeting starts at 10.00 am. Members are expected to wear a jacket, tie optional.

Each month we have a guest speaker. We try hard to source excellent speakers and they cover almost every subject imaginable. Also, each month, one of our members shares an experience, interest or story in a 10 minute talk. The diverse range of expertise and skills that exist within our group of members is very impressive. The ten minute talk enables us to  know one another better.

The monthly meeting is a time and place to meet old and new friends, to listen to our speakers, learn something new and also have a few laughs.

Many opportunities to get involved

Every month there are plenty of things happening. Obviously, the more a member participates in these activities, the more they get out of their membership, but the level of participation is entirely the member’s choice.

Here are just some of the things going on!

  • Major club dinners and luncheons
  • Regular restaurant nights out – we call it Tastes
  • Regular Pub Lunches at VERY reasonable prices.
  • Day trips to places of interest
  • Visits to Art Galleries and Exhibitions
  • Annual Golf and Croquet Championships
  • Digital Technology awareness sessions that help build our knowledge
  • Cycling – regular rides and monthly trips
  • Theatres
  • Travel Group
  • Single Malt Whisky appreciation group
  • Wine Appreciation groups
  • Discussion groups –  that meet monthly and solve all the world’s problems!
  • Footy Tipping Competition

If you’re interested in joining a Probus Club, there is none better than Beaumaris Probus! There is something for everyone.

Consider joining?

As a first step, come along as a guest to one of our monthly meetings or events? Just give either our Secretary or Membership Officer a call:

Secretary: Leon Laragy: Phone 0410 327 587

Membership Officer: Roger Wilson. Phone 0418 395 946

What’s in this website?

We hope you find this website both useful and interesting. The site is intended to be used both by members and their wives or partners as well as potential new members.

We appreciate hearing your ideas. email Geoff Bransbury

Please note: We have included a MEMBER Section. The Member Register and Member Profiles are PASSWORD PROTECTED. 

If you forget the password to the Members’ Section, call a committee member or email

The menus at the top of the page will walk you through the site but here is a quick summary:

In this website you will find:

  • Information about all our interest groups and our functions, visits and social events – We have added photos and other pieces of information that we feel might interest you. For example, in the Music and Opera page you can access a YouTube video selected by Barry Amond. In the 10 minute speaker section (Speakers page on the menu) you can view Ralph Butcher’s memorable 10-minute talk called Ralph’s War
  • We video most of our speakers and these can be viewed on this website. Visit the Speakers section on the main Menu
  • Copies of all our newsletters since 2008 plus of course the latest newsletter
  • The Members’ Register is available to be viewed in the Members’ Section. You will need to remember the password!
  • Names of Committee and  Interest Group Leaders and Office Bearers is available in the Members section
  • Our history has been written in a substantial book covering our first 15 years (1987-2002) and this can be viewed in the Members’ Section

What’s in the Members section

The Members area contains useful information such as:

  • Committee Members, Office Bearers, Interest Group Coordinators
  • Member Register (Password Protected)
  • Member profiles for most of our Members (Password Protected)
  • Newsletter archives. All newsletters since 2008
  • Speaker videos to view (Most of those since June 2016)
  • Forms
  • Club history 1987-2002

We will endeavour to maintain our website current and we sincerely hope you find it useful.

Removal of a photo

We have included many photos of our members and friends taken at events and functions over many years. These photos show the range of activities in our club and hopefully they bring back many good memories.

We endeavour to be sensitive in the selection of photos we use ; however, should you wish us to remove a photo, please identify the offending photo and where it is to be found on the site and email We will remove the photo as soon as possible.


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