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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Venues will most likely impose numbers limits on us. At this time this is unknown for some events. If it eventuates we have more bookings than spots available,  we will allocate spots in the order of payment received. We apologise for this but it is out of our control

Pub Lunch – Thursday 11th November
The  Melbourne Club Dinner  – Tuesday 16th November – Full
Bowls and Dinner – Wednesday 24th November 
Presidents Christmas Lunch –  Wednesday 15th December

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Events and Visits

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Pub Lunch – Thursday 11th November (Click here to book)
Fine Dining at Melbourne Club -Tuesday 16th November – Full
Bowls and dinner dinner – Wednesday 24th November –(Click here to book)
Presidents Xmas Lunch – Wed. 15th Dec- Woodlands Golf Club – (Click here to book)