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Main Speakers -July -September

Tim Harding

Major Harry Shaw - Magnificent man and his flying machine

Ian Hore-Lacy

Nuclear Power - Where are we?

Chris Renwick

India & Burma, Battlefield tour & pilgrimage

10-Minute Speakers-July -September

Phil Maddox


Phil Rowell

Finding Great Uncle John

Geoff Bransbury

Containers for Bushfire victims


Did you know? Ralph Butcher is Bayside City Council's Citizen of the year!

Ralph was awarded this award this year 2020. Cr Laurie Evans described Ralph as “an icon of a life well lived in the lives of others.”
There was no doubt in the audience that this comment was supported by all. A thunderous applause greeted the announcement.

Ralph has been a member of Beaumaris Probus since 1989 and President in 1996.

In 2016 Ralph was our 10 Minute Speaker –  “Ralph’s War” Click here

Very well deserved Ralph