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Happy New Year

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January Newsletter 

Well done Vivienne with your first newsletter

Brooksy -POM Downunder

November Speaker

Mal Cater – Mentone Grammar

October Speaker

Our President's Christmas Lunch - a special occasion

It was our 35th Anniversary Christmas Lunch and was held at the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron. We were delighted that 104 year old Ralph Butcher attended. The highlight was the inaugural performance of our new Choir, the Bayside Notes. Derek Skues is the leader, Margie Beadle Conductor and Gwen Rand Accompanist. See all 47 photos and the report of the event by clicking the button below. We’re sure looking through the happy faces will give you an impression of what a joyous occasion it was. Thank you Alan Stevens for taking the photos.

Bike Group presents leader Ken Beadle with a present!

Derek Skues painted this and a series of paintings of our bike group. Ken White is seen here presenting the picture to Ken. The painting is now in pride of position in Ken’s hallway.

Second Synchrotron Trip organised for Wednesday 1st February - dont miss out again!

This is one of just two facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. The Synchrotron attracts scientists from around the world and consequently the facility has paid for itself several times over. Electrons are accelerated to 99.999995% of the speed of light and energy from these is used for experiments in medicine e.g., Covid vaccines. 

This visit would interest many people and not just engineers and scientists. The first group reported that the guide is terrific and doesn’t make it too technical. The lunch was good and very reasonable value. You can buy a drink if you want as well!  let’s have some of our partners along this time!

Future Events and Visits

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Synchrotron -Second Visit – Wednesday 1st February
Visit to Naked Racer, Aviation Museum and Lunch – Wednesday 15th February – Meet 9.30
Tastes at Royal Brighton Yacht Club – Tuesday 28th February -6.30
Pub Lunch Thursday 9th March. TBA
Croquet and BBQ Dinner – Friday 17th March 4.30 – 9.00
Visit to Beleura House and Garden, Lunch at Kirks Mornington -Tuesday 28th March.

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