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Probus South Pacific has issued an excellent newsletter that contains lots of tips, and games and links you might be interested in viewing during May.


Included in the Survival Guide

Some useful information is here in the guide provided by Probus South Pacific. Perhaps a bit late now but here it is anyway
.Some of the things included are:

  1. Virus helpful tips
  2. Accessing medical services
  3. How long does the virus last on surfaces
  4. Keeping our minds healthy
  5. Quick Guide- Things to do online

First Zoom Discussion Group

Barry Amond hosted our first Zoom Discussion Group. 10 Members attended and Noel tried very hard but didn’t quite make it. 
Norm even zoomed in from Hospital.

It was an excellent first try and it’s all happening again in May. We hope some of the other Discussion Group Members will give it a try.

Congratulations Barry Amond

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