Criteria for Life Membership

  1. Life Membership may be conferred upon a Member who has rendered sustained outstanding service to the Club.
    1. Outstanding can mean exceptional, excellent or first rate and service can mean duty, support or assistance. It should take into account offices held, interest groups led and support of groups, functions and activities
    2. Sustained means for a continuous period of 10 years minimum.
  2. A nomination for Life Membership shall be submitted on the attached form signed by the proposer and seconder to the Secretary for consideration by the Committee.
  3. A sub-committee of 3 will be appointed by the Committee to review the nomination. One of the sub-committee shall have equal or longer membership in the Club than the nominee. The sub-committee shall make a recommendation within 2 months to the Committee
  4. When approved by the Committee, the nomination shall be referred to the next general meeting of the Club for confirmation
  5. Life Members shall not be required to pay the annual fee.
  6. There shall be a maximum of 5 life Members at any one time
  7. The Committee shall consider annually if any nomination(s) received should proceed to the nominee(s) being given Life Membership.

Life Membership Nomination Form – See below or (Click here for PDF which can be printed)