The History of The Probus Club of Beaumaris
“The First Fifteen Years”
1987 – 2002

Click on the links below to read the Club History compiled by Max Parsons in July 2002.

The book was too large to include on the web as a whole so it’s been broken down into smaller segments.  

Beaumaris Probus Club History – Office Bearers, Members & Speakers

The Beginning – Beaumaris Probus Club History 1987-1990

Beaumaris Probus Club History 1991-1993

Beaumaris Probus Club History 1994 – 1995

Beaumaris Probus Club History_1996-1997

Beaumaris Probus Club History_1998-1999

Beaumaris Probus Club History_2000-2002

The History has been updated from 2002-2007 and this will be added shortly. If you are interested in our more recent history, please CLICK on NEWSLETTERS

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