Wine Discovery Group

Leader – Grant Sabin

Lunch at Fazio June 2021

The Wine Discovery Group had a vertical tasting of wines from Warrabilla in Rutherglen (majority supplied by John Smyth). All wines were good with the range “book-shelved” by starting with a 2006 Limited Release Parola’s Durif and finishing with a 2004 Reserve Vintage Port. The meal at Fazio’s was outstanding again with chicken wings, fresh mussels from Sth Melb market, meatballs made to Aunt’s traditional recipe and finally lamb shanks with rosemary potatoes and fresh string beans….

Modus operandi of the Group

The Aim – the aim of the Group is to critique and taste specific groups of wines that in most cases the members of the Group would not normally try or buy, hence discovery. Judging of the wines is up to each person – their individual preference.  For this Group specific classifications or types of wine could be for example – French Rose, Tasmanian Sparkling, Shoalhaven whites, etc.  It could even be as restricted as a wine type (such as a white wine) from one winery

The Group – has a core membership of 8 people with the opportunity to invite up to 2 guests to any of the sessions if core members are not able to participate.  We have a small priority guest list.

Modus Operandi – once the Group determines the specific wines to be presented at the next meeting, two members be allocated the task of procuring 4 representative wines, as well as obtaining information about the wines, winery, etc. The participants share the total price for the 4 wines, plus a small charge for appropriate nibbles.

We plan to have we have 4 to 6 meetings per year, with at least one in a restaurant.

The meeting format is flexible and will evolve as we gain more experience.  We could even invite wine experts to present wines.

First Session – the first session was held at Grant Sabin’s place on Wednesday 24 October 2018 when we sampled Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Grenache and Sangiovese all from Tahbilk.

Record/Diary Sheet – each member has been provided with a personal record/wine diary sheet to record their personal discoveries and ratings at each session.

The current members (January 2022)

Grant Sabin (coordinator), Ian Maskiell, Barrie Gibson, David Seedsman, Simon Appel, Kevin McDonnel, Alan Stevens, Paul Stephens, Bob Wigg, John Smyth.

Annual plans:

Plan for 2022

Session 1 – Wed 16 Feb – tasting Pino Grigio hosted by – Bob Wigg
Session 2 – Wed 13 Apr – tasting Beaujolais hosted by – could it be Paul Stephens
Session 3 – Wed 8 Jun – tasting a surprise wine hosted by – Grant Sabin
Session 4 – Wed 13 Jul – midyear luncheon at Fazios
Session 5 – Wed 10 Aug – tasting to be decided
Session 6 – Wed 12 Oct – tasting to be determined
Session 7 – Wed 7 Dec – Christmas luncheon at Fazios

Plan for 2021

1      24/2/21     Tassie Sparklings –  Grant Sabin

2      28/4/21     Stickies                   – Paul Stevens

3      14/6/21     Warribilla Reds   – John Smyth

4      18/8/21     Malbec                    – Ian Maskiell

5      13/10/21   Pino Grigio            – Bob Wigg

Plan for 2020

Session 1 – Wednesday 5 February.  Theme Australian Rieslings.  Host Alan Stevens

Session 2 – Wednesday 29 April.  Theme Tassie sparklings and oysters natural.  Host Grant Sabin

Session 3 – Wednesday 15 July. Theme Aussie stickies (tokay, muscat, etal).  Host Paul Stevens

Session 4 – Wednesday 16 September. Theme Warrabilla reds.  Host John Smyth.

Session 5 – Wednesday 11 November. Theme Pino Grigio.  Host Bob Wigg.

Session 6 – Wednesday 9 December.  Xmas luncheon at Vincent’s Café Beaumaris.

Parola's Durif May 2021