Digital Technology Interest Group

The Digital Technology Interest Group meets four times a year, usually in February, April, August and October.  Probus members gather to discuss any topic associated with digital technology, including mobile phones, television, computers, computer tablets, digital cameras (both still and video) and other items that may be developed from time to time.

The purpose of the group is to widen the knowledge base of interested members and to feed off the knowledge and experience of fellow members.  No one is considered an expert and a free interchange of ideas and experiences is a hallmark of the group.

Topics are sourced from suggestions by members or items in various publications, including newspapers and magazines.  Most topics are introduced and lead by a member with a particular interest or who has researched the topic. Occasionally, a visiting expert is called upon to deal with a topic, such as when Windows 10 was introduced.

There is always a period during the meeting when members are able to raise questions of interest and provide an update on previously discussed topics.

Why not join us?

If you want to know more, complete the Contact form (CLICK HERE) or speak with Geoff Wade on 0416 257 683 or