One of our most enjoyable social events  held over several years from 2014 is  our Annual Croquet and Spit Roast event. It is held at the beautiful Sandringham Croquet Club on the foreshore, near the Sandringham Club. The Croquet is fun but the real point of the event is the Spit Roast Dinner with wonderful desserts. We’ve been lucky with the weather most years. It’s an event not to be missed

Tony and Jennie Bowles
Tony & Jenny Bowls - They designed the event
Trophy- made by Paul Crompton


At last we were able to hold the Croquet event again. The first time since 2018

We had 31 players and 36 attended It was a great evening The competition winner was Ian Marchment but our 99 year old champion George Montgomery made the semi-finals! President Jim Duggan presented the trophy to Ian Marchment

Peter McGregor cooked us beef on the spit and we had very tasty desserts.

Thanks to Jennie Bowles, Nova Ball and Derek Skues for helping with the croquet, Peter for acting as chef and our special helpers, Leon and Michele Laragy, Ian Marchment, and Tony Bowles


A wonderful day. Warm and sunny but not too hot. Perfect. 
This year the winner was Robert Kerr and Merry Bransbury was a gallant runner up.

This year we had a total of 27 players divided into 6 groups of 4 and I group of 3. Playing on an individual basis winners progressed to round 2-one group of 4 and I group of 3-and the 2 winners were in the grand final.

John Beaty was the MC and organiser, John Green ran the competition. Tony and Jenny Bowles and the kind helpers from the Sandringham Croquet Club managed the playing of the event. Roger Wilson awarded the trophy to Robert Kerr.
This year we had a new Chef…Geoff Bransbury, assisted by Paul Stephens. Geoff was “trained” by  Peter McGregor who had been the chef on all previous occasions.. 

The dinner consisted of a topside roast, salad and potatoes followed by the usual magnificent cakes from Brodams in the Concourse.

This is a wonderful event and now in its fourth year. Thank you to all those who helped out.


The event was first run in 2014 before the beginning of this website  (2016) therefore sorry, we don’t have photos of the earlier events. The first “Chef” was Peter McGregor and our winners have been: 2014 -Keith Ross, 2015 – Rod Kelly -2016John Smyth – 2017 Barry Amond and 2018 Robert Kerr