Nick and Anne Caris

A brief profile of Nick Caris

Born in South Melbourne in 1930, Nick qualified for Dip. CE (Civil Engineering) at RMIT followed by BCE (Hon.).  Reading engineering journals he became interested in the new overseas development of Prestressed Concrete, a topic which had not yet been included in the Melbourne University course of studies.

In 1956 Nick was awarded a grant to work for six months in the Paris office of Eugene Freyssinet, the French inventor of prestressed concrete where he studied the design and construction of prestressed concrete bridges in France and adjacent countries. Upon return to Australia, Nick joined Humes Concrete where he specialised in the promotion and use of prestressed concrete in bridges, buildings and railway sleepers around Australia.

Over a period of 20 years he established prestressing plants around the country and was Manager of Prestressed Concrete Australia.

In 1976 Nick joined the management of consulting engineers Hardcastle and Richards who were prominent in the structural design of buildings, bridges, mining head frames and offshore oil platforms.

From the earliest days he was actively involved as Secretary of organisations such as youth club, Grad.IE Aust, APCG, CIA (Concrete Institute Aust.) with a term as President of CIA.

Nick took early retirement from full time work in 1988 and with his wife Anne bought a caravan and 4WD and travelled extensively around many parts of Australia. In the early days of caravanning there was a great sense of excitement in seeing new places that we had not heard of and meeting interesting new people.  For 22 consecutive years they avoided the Melbourne winter months of June, July and August.

Anne and Nick married in 1958, built and lived in Beaumaris for 61 years. They have three children and three grandchildren all of whom have elected to live in Bayside.

Fortunately, they were both separately avid supporters of South Melbourne football team and all the family currently follow the Sydney Swans. They managed their caravan travel to be able to watch the Swans on TV and were always back in Melbourne in time for travelling interstate for any footy finals involving the Swans.

As a 30-year member of Probus, he and Anne have attended many club functions and particularly the Tastes evenings enjoying the company of other members and wives. Nick was a member of Victoria Golf Club for 35 years and Anne remains a social member.