Our  Club Volunteers 

Our Club currently has 26 members who actively assist in one way or another to make our Club successful and enjoyable for all. We thank you. The Club cannot operate without your help.

If you would like to assist in any degree, either a little or a lot. Please contact a member of the Committee.


PresidentSimon Appel
Vice President

Past PresidentChris Renwick
SecretaryGarry Sebo
TreasurerJohn Hewison
MemberKevin Reed
MemberGeoff Bransbury
MemberRoger Wilson
MemberKeith Ross
MemberPeter McGregor
MemberAlan Stevens


Club Support 
Functions/EventsGeoff Bransbury
Assistant Functions/VisitsKevin Reed
VisitsKen Beadle
ArchivistJohn Howe
Assistant TreasurerGeoff Carlson
AuditorRobert Lander
Grape VineAlan Stevens
Meetings Coordinator
Keith Ross
Meeting AssistantBarrie Gibson
Member RegisterGeoff Wade
MembershipsRoger Wilson
NewsletterPeter McGregor
ProjectionistGeoff Cupples
President TableGarry Sebo
PhotographerAlan Stevens
Speaker VideoPaul Crompton
Speaker RecorderGrant Sabin
WebmasterGeoff Bransbury
WelfareAlan Stevens


Activity Group Leaders  
BikeKen Beadle
BridgePeter McGregor
Digital Technology Geoff Wade
DiscussionBarry Amond
Golf John Pound
Pub LunchesRoger Wilson
TastesGeoff Bransbury
TravelSimon Appel
Whisky (PRISMS)Alan Nash
Wine AppreciationRoger Wilson
Wine DiscoveryGrant Sabin


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