Welcome to our Footy Tipping Competition for 2023

Leader- Leon laragy

Round 2

Greetings All 

Congratulations to Jim Duggan & Ian Marchmont for achieving the round high of 7 correct tips!  Well done to John Green, John Smyth, Paul Crompton, Simon Appel & Martyn Pickersgill for getting the next highest of 6 correct. Please see the table below for all standings.

Please note that Round 3 commences on Thursday March 30.

If you don’t have the ESPN app on your phone/tablet, please enter your tips at: https://www.footytips.com.au/home

I read on Thursday that PwC will introduce an Artificial Intelligence tool to help its Australian lawyers conduct research and analysis, manage claims and eventually offer legal advice.  As it happens I’m on the AI bandwagon!  In recent weeks I have been using the ‘ChatGPT’ app – it’s claimed to be “a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with a chatbot”…

The following is my conversation with my chatbot on Wednesday last week:

Question: “do you know what footy is”

Chatbot’s reply: “Yes, “footy” is a colloquial term used to refer to various football codes in Australia. Typically, it refers to Australian rules football, which is a popular sport played on a large oval-shaped field between two teams of 18 players each. Other football codes in Australia include rugby league, rugby union, and soccer, which are often referred to by their specific names.”

Further question: “thank you! can you help me pick AFL winning teams?”

Chatbot’s reply: “As an Al language model, I don’t have the ability to predict the winning teams for AFL games. There are many factors that can influence the outcome of a game, such as player performance, team strategy, weather conditions, and more. The best way to make informed predictions for AFL games is to stay up-to-date on the latest news and analysis of teams and players, and to consider factors such as a team’s recent form, injuries or suspensions, and their record against their opponents. However, keep in mind that sports betting or gambling should always be done responsibly and within your means.”

Well, sadly, no help for our tipping… but, I did think the Chatbot’s advice was sound, and in particular, the closing sentence was somewhat ‘Tim Costello-esque’!!  

Good luck everyone for the next round & don’t forget to get those tips in!!

Cheers, Leon (As always, please contact me if you have any questions – 0410 32 75 87)

Round 1

Greetings All

We are underway!  Thanks to everyone for getting your tips in – this season we have twenty-seven in our comp; and again there are a couple of ‘teams’ playing.

Congratulations to Errol Stubblety for achieving the round high of 8 correct tips! Well done to John Green & John Smyth for getting the next highest of 7 correct. To summarise: 1 tipped 8 correctly, 2 tipped 7, 19 tipped 6, 3 tipped 5 and 2 tipped 4.  The table at the very bottom of this email shows our respective standings (data from ESPN).  I have added a column with the actual names of the participants involved.

Please note that Round 2 commences on Thursday March 23 (FYI re fixture: for season 2023, 11 rounds start on a Thursday night – Rounds 1 to 5 & Rounds 13 to 18: all other Rounds will commence on Friday nights)

This season through my weekly updates I will be incorporating a series of twelve superb watercolours by our very own Paul Crompton.  Paul’s paintings depict match day scenes, capturing the energy and excitement of our great game.  All 12 VFL clubs are represented – the scenes of the grounds range from the early 1900s to 1975. Paul wrote that he “produced them over 20 years ago, the history was written by the club historian at that time. They were hung in the MCG hall of fame for a year or so before it was demolished for the northern stand”.

Starting from this round (and in every second update email thereafter) I’ll incorporate one of Paul’s watercolours. To help manage the size of the emails the accompanying text for each painting will not be included, however, I have provided a link to our website where you will find a larger image along with its accompanying text.  By the end of the season all 12 paintings will have been published.  And there’s more… At our end of season event, copies of the paintings will be on display at the venue.  Thank you, Paul, for sharing your creative artwork with us!  And thanks also to Geoff Bransbury for developing our website to display them.

Good luck everyone for the next round & don’t forget to get those tips in!!

Cheers, Leon -(As always, please contact me if you have any questions – 0410 32 75 87)