Beaumaris Probus Choir

Leader - Derek Skues

Beaumaris Probus Community Choir

Following recent discussions on the creation of a Beaumaris Probus Community Choir it is proposed to commence rehearsals in mid October. However, in order for our musical director to meet us and assess the vocal range of the group we are meeting at 4.30 pm on Monday 29 August in the hall at the Beaumaris Seniors Centre, behind the Beaumaris Library.

We have just received confirmation from the City of Bayside that our application for a community grant has been approved to cover the initial costs of our musical director, choir master, costumes, sheet music reproduction, video recording, marketing and website establishment.

So far, the following have already expressed interest in joining the choir, however I encourage others to participate.

  1. Ken Beadle
  2. Margie Beadle
  3. Tony Bowles
  4. Geoff Bransbury
  5. Richard Cadman
  6. Anne Duggan
  7. John Fisher
  8. Duncan Gibson
  9. John Green
  10. Tim Harding
  11. Peter Harford
  12. Noel Ineson
  13. Lloyd Jenkins
  14. Sandy McKenzie
  15. Jan Proudly
  16. Kevin Reed
  17. Derek Skues
  18. Deb Skues
  19. Roger Wilson

Those others who wish to join the choir please email me at

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at 4.30 pm on Monday 29 August at the Beaumaris Seniors Centre.


Derek Skues

Choir Convenor