Founded by Alan Farmer – Led by Peter McGregor

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The above presentation was prepared by Philip Stewart and delivered (in fine style) by Norm Griffiths at our meeting of 19 July 2016. Thanks Norm!

The Bridge Group meets every Tuesday morning (except the third Tuesday, when Probus meets) at 9:30am at the Victoria Golf Club.
There are now 28 members, including members of the golf club.
Because attendance is just at our whim, the usual attendance varies around 12 to 16.
The game is followed by an excellent light lunch at 12 noon, so any Probus members wishing to join would experience a most convivial experience. Alan Farmer



The Bridge Group was formed by some like-minded people who want to play Bridge. Some members of the group know a lot, some a little and some nothing at all. What they all have in common is enthusiasm and the desire to learn.

IMG_0281 (2)

Norm Griffiths, Alan Trumble, Gill Tomkins, Tony Bowles, John Green


IMG_0277 (2)

Alan and Gill playing with Alan Kermond

We meet on Tuesdays each week at Victoria Golf Club.  After our Bridge session we sit down to a light lunch. It’s a great way to spend a morning.

Over recent months, we have been treated to an enlightening series of sessions from Jan Clyne, a Bridge Master; the second by another guru, Gill Tomkins (wife of our ex- President, Bruce). For a time, we drew on the expertise within our group – namely Norm Griffiths, Alan Trumble, Ken Beadle and Tony Bowles. Gill has kindly agreed to assist our development further in the future.


Guided by our mentor, Gill, the members have also benefitted from the teaching of Ian Speed.

We welcome new members to the Bridge Group, regardless of your knowledge and expertise at Bridge and enjoy a thoroughly addictive pastime.

For more information, complete the Contact Form on the top menu or just phone Alan Farmer on 9598 2791.