A brief profile of Bob Toogood

Bob and Marion Toogood

Bob was born in Woolwich, south east of London, in 1935. He lived in Barnehurst, Kent.

At 15 he joined a Merchant Navy training college for 2 years, then a 4-year apprenticeship at sea. He eventually made Captain.
Marion and he were married when they were both 21, having first met when they were 16. Their daughter Lynne was born in 1957. Being away for 4-5 months at a time was difficult.

He worked at several jobs in London related to shipping and came to South Australia as a ten-pound pom in 1968 where he worked as Shipping Manager for Dalgety.

In 1974 a British shipping company, Furness Withy, opened a chartering office in Melbourne where he became Manager and then a Director. Success brought interference from London, another Director and Bob resigned and started their own company in 1978. This company operated time-chartered ships for 13 years during which they carried over 6.2 million tonnes of cargo of every description.

In 1991 they  were bought out.

After that..A spell as a commercial arbitrator followed and then retirement.  

He was a Board Member of the Sandringham Hospital; a volunteer and President of the Sandringham Citizens Advice Bureau and 10 years with the Leukaemia Foundation in Support Services. During this time Marion and Bob travelled extensively, spent time with their 3 granddaughters, played tennis and enjoyed life as never before.

Now they have a great grandson to add to the joy.