A brief profile of Andy Coogan

Andy and Cathie Coogan

Andy was born in Scotland and brought up in Carnoustie. He started playing golf at an early age and caddied mainly for Americans during his younger years.  One day in 1963 he took the bag of Alice Dye and along with her husband, the now legendary golf course designer, Pete Dye, they invited him to America where he stayed with them in Indianapolis during a year which saw President Kennedy’s assassination and the Beatles arrive.

After returning to Scotland he found work with Timex Watches for a few years then after deciding in 1971 to migrate to Australia was asked if he would like to work for them in North Coburg where they established a factory.

He joined Seiko in 1978, before eventually joining the Swiss SWATCH GROUP.  For the time leading up to retirement he distributed a fine brand called Candino Swiss Watch

Andy plays golf at Victoria Golf Club, enjoys travel, writing true stories and educational pursuits.

He was a past state president and board member of the Jewellers Association of Australia and more recently Vice President of U3A Bayside.

Andy is married to Cathie and they have two sons, Ewan and Lachlan.