Acknowledgement of Photo Credits

Beaumaris Probus Club Inc. acknowledges the inclusion of the following photographs used in the website that are the copyright of and are owned by the organisation or photographers who took the photographs.

  • Photograph of The Sandringham Club from ©
  • Photograph of Lindsay Fox  ©  & downloaded from
  • Photographs of Frank Costa from ©
  • Photographs of Tim Wilson from ©
  • Photograph of Gabriel Gaté from ©
  • Photographs of Ian Henderson one from © and the other from ©
  • Photograph of Waterfall used in PRISM header “waterfall-192984_1280.jpg”  – Free image from ©
  • Photograph of Stage “stage-406306_1920.jpg”  – Free image from ©
  • Photograph of Music “pianodocscom_zpsbada82d1.jpg”  – Free image from  ©
  • Photograph of Lawn Bowls “lawn_bowls_188846.jpg ” – Free image from ©
  • Photograph for the Investment Group was from an ASX document from ©
  • Photographs of heading photographs for Calendar, Bridge, Rocks and seabirds Rickett’s Point, Discussion Groups,  Camera Equipment © Alison Davies
  • All other photographs in the website have been taken by members of the Beaumaris Probus Club

If there is a photograph up on the website that any member specifically objects to, please let us know in writing the exact page and location of the photograph on the page and we will endeavour to remove it as soon as possible.

This is a website for the Club members and we hope you are all proud of it and happy to be included in it. We set out to portray each member in the best possible light.