This surely makes sense so why can’t we get on board?

I’m sick of COVID-19
I’m sick of black vs white
I’m sick of gay vs straight
I’m REALLY sick of the media
I’m sick of the people who are jumping on
the bandwagon to protest to cause mass confusion and more hatred
I’m sick of blaming the world for the sins of the few
I’m sick of people who think that history is our fault – it’s history!

You want to believe in God? Ok, believe in God.
BUT how about being mature enough to be able to deal with the fact that not everyone has the same mind-set as you.
Having our own minds is what makes us all individuals and beautiful.
I don’t have to agree with everything you believe in – however, you will still be my friend.

SO, be a decent human being. Love one another,
be kind, be humble,
be thankful,
help a stranger
and do a good deed